Ayo 👋🏼! It’s that time of the year where we all become dreamers about what we want to get out of our next 365 day travel around the sun! (BTW, isn’t it wild our sun is orbiting around a blackhole in the center of our galaxy?). In this post, i’ll be reviewing my previous goals set in 2023 and give myself a rating on how I did on my goals, and of course, take a look at what i have in store for 2024!

2023 Review

I have a lot to be thankful this year with some amazing highlights, here are just a few below:

Since 2022, I started creating focus areas instead of specific deliverable goals for my new years resolutions. This helps me to look at overarching areas of my life I want to focus on, and not bash my head in the wall about specific goals that start to become moving targets as the year progresses. Similar to my 2021/22 review, I'll be reviewing the focus points I set out for 2023 and rating them on a scale of 1-5 stars, along with some notes. Then, I'll outline my goals and focus points for 2024.

I’ve given each focus area an arbitrary score of how I feel at this exact moment and overall, 2023 was a much more balanced and stable year than years prior with lots of exciting moments. With all 8 focus areas, I scored an average of 3.25. Which meets my goal set of “averag[ing] between 3 to 4 stars across all focus areas.” 🎉

2024 Goals

For 2024, I’ve added more specific focus areas and categorized those into 3 buckets: Life, Entrepreneurship, and Career/Adulting. I want to experiment with this format since it outlines what things are taking up spaces in my mind, and how it falls into my life. Without further ado, here are my goals/focus areas for 2024.





I totally get that not everything pans out and sometimes setting goals is just a way of outlining your ambitions, and may not necessarily match your desired outcomes. But these exercises are good for me to see what my dream is, but I am doing this with being flexible in mind to take on anything that comes my way. Here is to another trip around the sun in our floating spaceship rock🚀