Welcome back, readers! I hope you're all enjoying the start of 2023. As for me, I've been kicking off the new year by traveling and taking some time away from work. My focus for this year is to explore more of my personal life and needs and to take a step back from my career and profession.

Last year, I set out a list of focus points for my blog, "TeamFire," which included: technology, entrepreneurship, art, movement and travel, financial basics, investing, real estate, and education. I particularly wanted to document more about my journey in travel, so I added that in as a focus point.

In this article, I'll be reviewing the focus points I set out for 2022 and rating them on a scale of 1-5 stars, along with some notes. Then, I'll outline my goals and focus points for 2023.

2022 Review

In 2021, I set out 6 specific focus points that I'll be rating. Let's take a look at each one and see how they went:


For this year, I’ll follow the same format but add another 2 new focus items for travel & content. This year my goal is to average between 3 to 4 stars across all focus areas.

Love doing these exercises as it allows me to recalibrate and review the areas of focus and how I am doing. My goal for next year to score between a 3 and 4 and spend less time fully focused on my career. We’ll see how we do next year! Till then, take care!